Develop consistent menu board labelling

This activity will explore policy options and develop a policy guideline to support consistent menu board labelling.

Activity type:
Priority: reduce chronic disease related to overweight and obesity


Menu board labelling that is nationally consistent.


The lead for this activity is Queensland Health.


The food ministers agreed at their August 2019 meeting that nationally consistent menu labelling is desirable for:

  • the food industry
  • public health organisations
  • governments.

They agreed:

  • the most effective way for this to occur would be to develop a food regulatory measure under the Food Standards Code
  • developing a policy guideline should be the first step.


This activity is now at Step H (selected option put in place) of the Food Regulation Policy Framework.

The Food Regulation Standing Committee will:

  • develop comprehensive, sustained consumer education to support the implementation of menu labelling
  • undertake a coordinated, bi-national evaluation of menu labelling.

Approved policy guideline and food standards work

In November 2022, food ministers approved the policy guideline on menu labelling.

They also requested Food Standards Australia New Zealand:

  • raise a proposal to develop a food regulatory measure for menu labelling in the Food Standards Code
  • incorporate evaluation findings from existing menu labelling schemes in Australian jurisdictions.

Completed work

As part of this activity, we:

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