Review the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991

This activity will look at how to make the FSANZ Act more effective.

Activity type:
Priority: maintain a strong, robust and agile food regulation system


Review the effectiveness of the:


The Australian Government is the lead for this activity.


The Australian Government is the owner of this activity. The FSANZ Act Review started in July 2020.


Drafting of the impact analysis is underway. It will incorporate:

  • reform concepts endorsed by the food ministers at their November 2022 meeting
  • concepts relating to Indigenous culture and food expertise that were agreed to by the food ministers at their April 2023 meeting.

The food ministers will consider the impact analysis before further public consultation, expected to be held in early 2024.

Completed work

The FSANZ Act Review undertook:

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This review supports the activity to reform the food regulation system.

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