Review the Food Regulation Agreement (FRA)

This activity will create a new foundational document to underpin the food regulation system.

Activity type:
Priority: maintain a strong, robust and agile food regulation system


This activity has 2 stages.

The stage one aim is to describe a vision for the food regulation system to:

  • provide strategic direction for reform
  • feed into stage two.

The stage two aim is to review the Food Regulation Agreement to create a new foundational document to underpin the food regulation system.


The Australian Government, on behalf of the Food Regulation Standing Committee (FRSC).


At their November 2019 meeting, the ministers:

  • agreed to reform the joint food regulation system
  • endorsed an ambitious plan to guide the reforms and pursue new institutional and legislative foundations for the system.


Stage two is underway.

At their July 2023 meeting, the ministers noted proposed concepts for further consideration as part of the FRA review. The Australian Government will use the concepts to develop:

  • detailed plans for the implementation of the strategic direction of the food regulation system
  • a revised FRA.

These will then be considered by the food ministers.

Following this, the first ministers from each state and territory will consider the revised FRA.

Stage one completed

In stage one:

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