Manage food incidents and food recalls

This activity includes workshops, meetings and exercises to manage and improve our approach to food incidents and food recalls.

Activity type:


To manage food incidents and food recalls.


The Incident Response Working Group is the lead.


The Implementation Subcommittee for Food Regulation oversees this work.


This ongoing work includes workshops, meetings and processes.

Name and aim


Food Incident Forum workshop

For government and industry to discuss:

  • preparedness
  • response
  • communication.

The most recent workshop was held in mid-2023.

Food incident exercise

To review incident response processes in a changing environment with new:

  • people
  • risks
  • intelligence sources.

An exercise testing Australia’s food safety preparedness and the National Food Incident Response Protocol was last held in mid-2022.

Incident Response Working Group meeting

To discuss issues around:

  • national food incidents
  • the Bi-National Food Safety Network.

Occurs every year 

Food recall officers meeting

To discuss:

  • recall issues
  • processes
  • procedures.

Occurs every year

Incident debriefs

To discuss:

  • issues arising during national food incidents
  • any potential change to processes or procedures.

Carried out as needed

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