Increase consistency across jurisdictions

This activity will increase consistency in areas of the food regulation system that will result in cost savings for industry and governments.

Activity type:
Priority: maintain a strong, robust and agile food regulation system


The aims of this activity are to:

  • identify key areas that would most benefit from improved consistency of regulatory approaches across jurisdictions
  • develop options to improve consistency in the identified areas.


On behalf of the Food Regulation Standing Committee (FRSC) the leads for this activity are the:


At their November 2019 meeting, the ministers agreed to reform the food regulation system.

At their December 2021 meeting, they agreed to key actions to progress reform efforts, including actions to:

  • improve jurisdictional consistency
  • deliver a clear purpose and objectives for the system to support strategic direction setting.


Work is underway to explore regulatory models to improve consistency. We will use consultation submissions to identify areas that would benefit most from reform.

Strategic Statement

At their July 2023 meeting, the ministers agreed in principle to a draft Strategic Statement to allow for more stakeholder consultation before finalising. We will send an email update when consultation opens.

Completed work

A consultation on consistency of food regulatory approaches closed in December 2020. The consultation sought stakeholder advice on:

  • areas of inconsistency in food regulatory approaches
  • the impact these have on businesses and regulatory outcomes.

We also commissioned the following resources:

These independent reports do not represent the views of FRSC members.

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