Improve intelligence in the food regulation system

This activity will improve the way the food regulation system gathers, collates, analyses and shares intelligence.

Activity type:
Priority: maintain a strong, robust and agile food regulation system


Develop a system for the:

  • ongoing purposeful gathering of intelligence – information, data and evidence
  • entire food regulation system to use.


On behalf of the Food Regulation Standing Committee (FRSC), the leads for this activity are:


The FRSC workshop on 12 February 2019, held in Melbourne, identified improved intelligence as a medium to longer term activity.


In September 2019, the FRSC agreed on an integrated process to gather, collate, analyse and share intelligence.

The FRSC set up a working group to develop advice on the integrated process. The advice will include the actions required to implement a best-practice approach to support the system’s aims.

This work is currently on hold. We expect further advice in mid-2024.

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