Improve commercial infant and toddler foods

This activity will explore options to improve commercial foods for infants and toddlers.

Activity type:
Priority: reduce chronic disease related to overweight and obesity


Consider and decide what the food regulation system can do to improve commercial infant and toddler foods.


The leads for this activity are:


The food ministers agreed at their November 2020 meeting that the Food Regulation Standing Committee undertake this activity.


This activity is at Step E (develop and evaluate options) of the Food Regulation Policy Framework.

We are developing a consultation paper for the food ministers to consider. The paper will:

  • define the problem with commercial foods for infants and young people
  • outline the potential options to address the problem.

We will use the consultation paper to seek stakeholder views on the options.

2023 – issues paper completed

We developed an issues paper (including a problem statement) on commercial foods for infants and young children.

The food ministers considered the issues paper at their December 2023 meeting. They asked us to progress this work as a priority.

2020 – background paper completed

We did an initial analysis to explore:

  • the current regulatory environment for infant foods in Australia and New Zealand
  • a comparison with international guidelines for infant feeding
  • products sold for infants and toddlers in Australia.

This analysis included the background paper Commercial foods for early childhood: Australia and New Zealand. We presented this paper to the food ministers at their November 2020 meeting.

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