Implement a new strategic planning cycle

This activity will implement a new planning cycle that includes updates to the priorities every 3 years.

Activity type:
Priority: maintain a strong, robust and agile food regulation system


Implement a new strategic planning process that will:

  • be evidence based
  • be informed by stakeholders
  • allow the food ministers to reset the priorities of the food regulation system every 3 years.


The lead for this activity is the Strategic Planning Working Group.


At their December 2021 meeting, the food ministers endorsed implementing a new strategic planning cycle.


Strategic Plan for 2024–27

We are developing the next 3-year work program (July 2024 to June 2027) based on the strategic outcomes.

Strategic outcomes

At their July 2023 meeting, the ministers agreed to strategic outcomes for the joint food regulation system which focus on:

  • food safety
  • healthy food supply
  • informed and empowered consumers
  • a thriving food economy.

Completed work

We developed a horizon scan to capture the current landscape and held a:

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