Horizon scan to support the system strategic direction for 2023–2026 – Consultation paper

This paper takes a broad view of the trends, challenges and opportunities in the food regulation system. The 2022 public consultation on strategic planning for the system sought input on what was missing from the paper. The 3 consultation questions in the paper guided the input.

Publication type:
Policy paper
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This paper includes:

  • an overview of the food regulation system and the reform agenda
  • how to make a submission to the 2022 consultation on strategic planning
  • part 1 – changing world around us
  • part 2 – our challenges and opportunities
  • part 3 – conclusion
  • the consultation questions:
    1. Are the trends, issues, risks, and opportunities affecting the broader food system accurately captured in the horizon scan? If no, what has not been captured?
    2. To what extent are there activities underway in your organisation to manage these issues and risks and to leverage these opportunities?
    3. What opportunities do you consider exist for future work or partnerships for mutual benefit?
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